Body Positioning and Traction

A fan, Mike (from Ireland), sent me an email regarding traction and where to put your body while cornering. Mike’s question is a common question I get asked by both street and adventure riders alike. This is a typical but very complicated topic that deserves a blog post. I have done my best to balance the line between too much detail or abstract conceptualization and simple black and white, yes/no answers. Continue reading

Riding Weightless

The truth is, riding an adventure bike off-pavement uses similar techniques as riding a dirt bike on a technical trail.

The biggest difference is that adventure bikes don’t crash like dirt bikes, and the risk of injury and damage from crashing on an adventure bike is far greater due to reduced personal protective gear and the presence of hard luggage, extra weight, windshields and other things not designed to be crashed on a regular basis. Continue reading

Sand at the Border


I was perched on the edge of Black Africa, scanning the barren landscape littered with the abandoned hulks of cars left in the minefield which separates West Sahara from Mauritania. This 4km stretch of lawless road is simply referred to as ‘no man’s land’.  It would not be the first or the last border that offered a world-renowned reputation for danger, but it would be only one where my riding skills likely saved my life. Continue reading