Mastering Fear by Cross Training

Even when the riding is good, don’t discount the advantages of using non-traditional training techniques. Most of us know that taking an MSF class, attending an off-road school, or advanced training, like Lee Park’s Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (TotalControlTraining. net), is a good idea. However, using cross training can sometimes reap huge benefits. Continue reading

The Ferry Xpress

In December 2014, a group of eleven motorcyclists from all over the world arrived at the Ferry Xpress office in Panama City, hoping to make its next sailing between Panama and Colombia. Taking the Ferry Xpress is certainly one of the fastest and least expensive ways to get around the notorious Darien Gap, but it can be a frustrating experience.

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The 4mph Brain

It’s a beautiful day as the bike effortlessly glides around the bend; suddenly, the rider discovers that the road is tightening up and, being experienced he responds with lightning fast reflexes—closing the throttle and pushing the bike deeper into the lean….

As he lies in the ditch listening to the approaching siren, he’s still trying to figure out what went wrong. Sifting through all the fancy talk, concepts, and advice, the reality is that each of us are dealing with a brain that has only evolved to travel at four MPH—not at 30, 60, or 100 MPH. Continue reading